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CATEGORY: Field Manual of the AAR Interchange Rules
Rule 1 – Care of Freight Cars
Rule 16 – Couplers, Type E and Parts
Rule 18 – Couplers, Type F and Parts
Rule 37 – Roller Bearing Adapters
Rule 41 – Wheels
Rule 46 – Truck System Performance
Rule 48 – Truck Side Frames, Transoms and Spring Planks
CATEGORY: Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices
Section G – Wheels and Axles
Section G-II – Wheels and Axle Shop Manual
Section H, “Journal Bearings and Lubrication,” and H-II Roller Bearing Manual
Section G, Part II—Wheel and Axle Manual
Section S, Part I – Casting Details and Section S, Part II – Truck Details and Casting Codes
CATEGORY: Wheel Gages
Finger Gages
Simplified and Defect Gages
CATEGORY: Apta Tightlock Gages
CATEGORY: Full Gage List