Gage Manufacturing

Winchester Industries is a manufacturing organization whose principal products are gages for the Railroad Industry. Products are produced under a system that assures Product Quality.

Quality Product and Service

Our reputation for Quality Product and Service is the real basis for our business.  For this reason, the President is directly responsible for the Quality Assurance Program and actively supported by ALL employees. Top management demonstrates leadership and ensures that employees at all levels within the organization understand the goals and objectives of the Quality Assurance Program at Winchester Industries.

Our Mission

The mission of Winchester Industries, Inc. is to produce and ship conforming material and our primary focus is the professional support of the customer.

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Over 30 Years of Experience

Winchester was founded and incorporated by Linda S. and John C. Devanney in 1987 as a machining business. We have been designing and  manufacturing railroad gages since 1991.

Originally housed in the Son-Chief Electrics Co. building in Winsted, CT until we built our own manufacturing facility in 1996

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